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crystal huffman

music photographer, educator, and content creator

I'm never without a coffee nearby...seriously.

i collect notebooks.

I quote ice-t more than i realize.

the only time i can't listen to music is while working. That's what podcasts are for.

when i was six, my dad convinced me he took antlers from a rare type of bear he fought in the backyard. I BROUGHT THOSE ANTLERS TO SHOW AND TELL BEFORE BEING TOLD IT WAS JUST A STICK.


about me

I have always been active in the local music scene, so I don’t think anyone was surprised about my chosen career path. After years of learning guitar and drums, I realized I loved the community but had little interest (and even less talent) in becoming a musician. I instead studied business and marketing, making press kits, selling merch, and promoting shows for friends. I didn’t want to just go to shows, so I found ways to be involved in the industry without playing an instrument.

Luckily for me, some of those same friends kept me around as their careers took off. With that, I learned new skills as they needed, including graphic and web design. My obsession with music magazines paid off when a local artist needed a photo to accompany an interview with a major magazine.  I had no real experience in photography, but I accepted the challenge just as I had done before. I couldn’t just limit myself to promos, so I started covering shows at local venues, eventually landing a house photographer spot at a local venue loved by local and national acts alike. Who could turn down pit access and free shows? Not me. Once that camera was in my hand, I couldn’t put it down. In my ten years of experience as a photographer, my clients have now included publications, venues, artists, publicists, fashion designers, sponsors, and news agencies. 

I still haven’t given up my camera, and now I have another reason to remain active. In 2013, I was encouraged by my former instructor to give guest lectures on my experience. Upon getting my Master’s degree in 2016, I accepted a faculty position in the photography department at one college and in the art department at another. 


My work has been featured in Rolling Stone Magazine, Alternative Press, Digital Photo Pro Magazine, CNBC, CNN, Al Jazeera, The Chicago Tribune, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, CMJ Music, Axios, NPR Boston, New Noise Magazine, Wonkavision, USA Today, Think Progress, Idobi Radio, Hypebeast, Stupid Dope, The Virginian Pilot, The New Junto, Free Press Houston, Outdoor Gear Lab, Hellhound Music, and Veer, among others.



// photography

// editing

// graphic design

// web design

// search engine optimization

// digital marketing

// short video

// social media 

// blogging



// photo mechanic

// capture one pro

// lightroom

// photoshop

// illustrator

// indesign

// premiere pro

// final cut studio

// wordpress



  • guest judge, ” design awards”
    the virginian pilot, norfolk, va, 2015
  • first place award, “photo of the year”
    Digital photo pro magazine, 2011
  • finalist, “the face”
    Digital photo pro magazine, 2012
  • finalist, “portraits”
    Digital photographer, 2011
  • finalist, “best of college photography”
    photographer’s forum, 2011


  • group exhibition, see | me gallery
    new york, ny, 2019
  • asmp GROUP EXHIBITION, fotoweek
    washington, dc, 2017
  • guest judge, photography
    norfolk historical society, 2016
  • group exhibition, meet a pro, aivb 
    virginia beach, va, 2016
  • faculty art show, aivb gallery
    virginia beach, va, 2016
  • group exhibition, see | me gallery
    new york, ny, 2012


  • best of virginia beach award
    adult and continuing education, 2019

[work ethic]

  • “team member of the year” award
    princess anne country club, 2014
  • “whatever it takes” award 

aas business administration

tidewater community college

bfa photography

art institute of virginia beach

ma photography

savannah college of art and design


My formal education has remained one of my proudest achievements, but I have since continued my study of graphic design and digital marketing independently. certificates of completion as well as certifications will be available shortly.