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live shows


I’ve always been drawn to live music. I saw my first concert at age seven by chance, when my neighbor had an extra ticket to the Michael Jackson “Bad” tour. I couldn’t stop talking about the dancers, the way the lights hit the stage, the fans singing along to every song… 

My family moved many times throughout my childhood. The constant change of scenery made it difficult to feel “at home” but my precious collection of records and torn pages of music magazines travelled with me. With few venues in my immediate area and even fewer open to an angsty preteen, I instead relied on the photos I browsed in magazines like Rolling Stone, Spin, and one of the magazines most influential to refining my taste in music back then, CMJ music, envious of the fans witnessing those moments in person.

At 17, I moved to Virginia. For a teenager who had never been south of Delaware, I found it difficult to acclimate to my new surroundings until I found a local venue featuring some of my favorite artists performing night after night. That was the moment I felt that I could call this place home.  Though I have since travelled across the country to cover numerous tours and festivals, I still find comfort in the pits of Norva, VUHLA, and smaller venues in the area.