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with in this moment, support from new year's day


live at the ted

This was my first time photographing the talented Lzzy Hale, but it was perfect timing as the new leg of the female-fronted tour with In This Moment and New Year’s Day had just launched. 

It isn’t often that I get to photograph bands from a town so close to my own hometown, so I felt a sense of pride as one of the most talented guitarists represented a place so dear to me at one of the colleges I now teach for, Old Dominion University. I was smiling from ear to ear during the whole show without any regrets. 

Pennsylvania-based metal band Halestorm, featuring singer/guitarist Lzzy Hale, her drummer and brother Arejay Hale, guitarist Joe Hottinger, and bassist Josh Smith, took the stage shortly after In This Moment’s last song. As they took the stage, Grammy Award winning band matched the excitement of the crowd with enthusiasm and appreciation. Hale quickly posed for the sea of cellphones in the air before striking the first notes on her guitar, but it was her strong vocals that caused me to pause for a moment before continuing the coverage.

Have you ever seen a band live only to be disappointed that the vocals don’t match the intensity of the album? An obvious layering of vocals difficult to recreate on tour? Halestorm is not one of those bands. Her vocals, commanding and intense, were every bit as powerful as the albums. An impressive feat considering the crowd’s powerful participation, but the sound of her lead vocals over their chorus seemed so natural to her that she didn’t skip a beat.

Halestorm and In This Moment on tour together has proved to be one of the most empowering tours this year. 

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